Trouble Shooting and Repairing the T-84J Transmission

cover_temp_tranny256sm Do you think it is hard to rebuild a T-84J transmission for the Willys MB or the Ford GPW? Well, it only contains approximately 58 parts. If you can follow step-by-step instructions, you can easily do it yourself. This is a combination of text, pictures, diagrams and parts lists that was produced to make the rebuild easy. Save yourself money and know that your transmission was rebuilt to your expectations! The book is full of helpful explanations and step-by-step pictures that illustrate how theT-84JJ transmission goes together. The presentations coupled with the text makes it easy to understand it all. At the right is a gif animation that shows some of the pictures that discuss just one valuable topic that illustrates how to save a well worn case by having a bushing made. A tip generously given by Jim Gilmore. And there are more tips… The Tranny book is now in production. I thought I would share with you some of the “galleys” that I am proofing to hopefully get rid of those dang spelling errors! So check them out!

Trouble Shooting and Rebuilding The T-84J Transmission is an aide designed to help the novice to decide whether or not to rebuild the T-84J themselves. It covers all sorts of “tricks” and “how-to’s” for tearing down, cleaning, inpecting and tinspectingbling the rebuilt transmission. You will learn trouble shooting tips. Why is your transmission jumping out of gear? Is the T-84J really supposed to be noisy? And much, much more! You can find the book on and through other booksellers.