MWO’s released to the field?

What the heck is an MWO? It is a Modification Work Order. Sometimes equipment in the field needed to be updated or modified. Kits would be created and then issued. Dear Editor, Some MWO’s are received in the field in many instances, four and five months after the date in the upper right hand corner of the work order. I know that the MWO’s are held up In many cases pending availability of parts, etc., but when the CO’s get their hands on an MWO and see the dnte in the corner, they really raise the roof, especially when they find their vehicles haven’t been modified. Naturally, they’re under the impression that the MWO has been in the field since the date of the work order. A lot of motor officers get gray hair trying to convince their CO’s that they haven’t been hiding these MWO’s in file 13. L W. Boyler Modification Advisor shootingjill03 (Ed. Note: To save motor officers from early graying: The dates on MWOs are dates of approval or publication, not dates of release to the field. Often it takes time to make kits available, and MWO’s are never released until the kits are ready for the field. If you watch ARMY MOTORS– list of directives and the monthly changes to FM 21-6, you’ll find MWO’s listed after they’ve been released.)