MVPA, Army Motors

Are you a new recruit?

Are you new to historic military vehicles? Don’t know were to turn? Can’t find the right Technical Manuals? Don’t know what a Technical Manual is? Don’t give up on that old military vehicle! Joining the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) can point you to the answers to your questions. Join the MVPA today! mvpa_color_logo Try the MVPA and Army Motors The MVPA is an international organization dedicated to the preservation of military transportation. I first joined back in the 80s (member 4249) and have never regretted it. Every other month Supply Line shows up in my mailbox. Supply Line is a magazine that has articles, news and items for sale by other members and vendors. You can also place want ads. Over the years I have bought a lot of goodies advertized in SL. Once a quarter you can expect to receive Army Motors, the journal of the MVPA. It’s a pretty good namesake in the tradition of the original Army Motors published by the Quartermaster Corps. You can’t go wrong by joining the MVPA. Back when I started there wasn’t an Internet that was available. The only thing I had was Supply Line and Army Motors (and a couple of beat up old jeep manuals). But through Supply Line I ended up finding vendors that I could trust. Found most all of my parts that way. Click on the MVPA logo above to go to their website for more information.