Missions of Various Branches

general GENERAL STAFF: Aids Secretary of War in forming and executing plans and policies for the entire army.  

inf INFANTRY: A fighting arm – supported by other arms. Chief weapons: mortars, rifles and machine guns.
ordnance ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT: Designs, procures, issues and maintains weapons, motor vehicles and ammunitions.
cav CAVALRY: Horse and mechanized. Used for attack, reconnaissance, security. Weapons like that of the Infantry.
quarter QUARTERMASTER CORPS: Feeds, clothes, and houses the Army. Procures all material of standard manufacture.
armor ARMORED COMMAND: Tanks furnish greatest striking power of attack. Have greatest mobility and fire power.
chemical CHEMICAL WARFARE SERVICES: Protects against enemy chemicals; may support fighting arms in retaliatory gas warfare.
tankd TANK DESTROYER COMMAND: Operates against and destroys enemy armored forces. Has high fire power and mobility.
transport TRANSPORTATION CORPS: Embraces rail, water, highway shipments; ports of embarkation, regulating stations.
arty FIELD ARTILLERY: Supports Infantry and Cavalry with guns, howitzers. Firing unit is battery of four guns.
medical MEDICAL DEPARTMENT: Maintains health of Army. Services: medical, dental, sanitary, nursing, veterinary.
coastarty COASTAL ARTILLERY: Operates coast guns, mines ports, charge with all antiaircraft defense.
finance FINANCE DEPARTMENT: Pays Army salaries and amounts due for Army purchases. Audits accounts of Army property.
airforce ARMY AIR FORCES: Missions: bombardment, pursuit, observation, air defense, ground support, and transport.
adjutant ADJUTANT GENERAL’S DEPT: Communicates orders. Arranges and preserves military records. Conducts recruiting service.
eng CORPS OF ENGINEERS: Builds roads, bridges. Charged with laying mines, camouflage, demolitions, operation of utilities.
chaplains CORPS OF CHAPLAINS: Is specially charged with religious, and moral welfare of members of all arms and services. CORPS OF CHAPLAINS: Is specially charged with religious, and moral welfare of members of all arms and services.
signals SIGNAL CORPS: Handles all signal communications at headquarters of divisions and larger units.
ig INSPECTOR GENERAL’S OFFICE: Assists in military administration. Inspects commands, posts and installations. Investigates complaints.