Divided Type Wheels

How to Mount Tires on Divided Type Wheels

image103To mount: (1) Inflate tube sufficiently to shape it, and apply valve cap. Place in tire, after removing any foreign material in tire. In combat tires, use only tubes marked “Combat”. Stand tire up with valve at bottom, pointing upwards. Place valve through valve hole of beadlock, with the offset valve hole of the beadlock to the right. Insert the beadlock into the tire halfway with beadlock at right angle to tire. Remove valve cap and apply valve lock cone with the large end up. image105Roll tire to the left 1/4 turn and push projecting part of beadlock down and into the tire as far as possible with the foot. Turn tire and repeat operation on opposite side. Then complete insertion of beadlock in tire with a tire tool. Remove valve lock cone and apply valve cap.   image111Apply outer half of wheel with offset of valve matching offset of hole. Insert valve through valve hole and apply valve lock cone with small end up.       image107Apply inner half of wheel. Be sure to match the lug of the inner half with the slot of the outer half.       image109Apply nuts and tighten. Inflate to prescribed air pressure. [BACK]