Carabelle FL Parade

March 9, 2002

jpparadesmAt the end of the Carabelle 2002 Parade. The parade honored veterans who trained at nearby Camp Gordon-Johnson. On board from left to right: Gary Rissinger, a friend from the office; my daughter Christina; Mr. Howard Carmody, WW2 veteran; and I as USAAF Capt driving the jeep. jpparade2A view from the left side. Yes, we know the wheels and tires are not correct. If you take a look at My Jeep and Field Mods all is explained and a solution is at hand. This was a great jeepin day. First “long” trip in the jeep. My co-driver and I rode 138 miles round-trip from Tallahassee, FL to Carabelle, FL. Left the house by 0815 hrs and arrived without refueling at 0930 hrs. The parade was not scheduled to start until 1045. We pulled into the only Chevron gas station as instructed but there was no contact person available. The lady working the register stated that three others had been in the store asking about the same thing. So we drove a little further and spotted these vehicles among some others. I was sure these were here for the parade. willys1A very nicely done Willys jeep, only missing a few small details. I didn’t get the owners’ name.       willys2This is the same jeep. There were a total of three WW2 jeeps and 1 M38. Also on hand there was a Chevy Bomb Truck, see below. There was some more modern iron but I was mainly interested in the WW2 stuff.     bomb1Another owner that got away! But what a beautiful truck. Chevy 1 1/2 Ton Bomb Truck complete with bombs.       bomb2Side view of the bomb truck.