Wire Anti-Decapitation Device

wireThis jeep is equipped with a wire anti-decapitation device. “For a wire catcher the jeep has been equipped by ingenious GI’s to cope with tough piano strings strung neck-high by the Jerries across highways and by-ways. The device consists of a strip of angle iron bolted upright to the forward bumper. It extends above the heads of those riding in the jeep, and is notched a few inches from the top so that any wire extending across the road will be caught and snipped. The jeep shown below is equipped with this and other improvised accessories. Courtesy of YANK, the Army Weekly.” mattjp01The above MB has 03-04-45 delivery date and is equipped with an anti-decapitation device that belongs to Matt Parry – “I’m the second owner from Military. It was sold from Hamilton AFB in 1961 – All original body, engine,tranny and running gear – original glass and combat wheels – really the only things I had to buy were new canvas and tires, top bows and jerry can – everything else was w/the jeep except all the little goodies that I attached later……The MBT is a 1943 or early 44 from the help you folks ( on www.g503.com ) gave me. I restored the MB 2 1/2 years ago and the trailer I just finished this March of 03.”

WIRE CUTTERS —- HOW TO BUILD by Matt Parry I used 2″x3″ I-Beam and ripped it down the middle – notched it at the top and heated it up to bend to satisfied position – then welded up the small gap. Then cut to height just about 3″ higher than the window frame top roughly. Then cut a piece of 2″x2″ angle iron and drilled two 3/8″ holes for mounting at the bottom portion of the bumper so bolts are hidded – welded angle iron to bottom of T-Bar. The cross support is 5/8″ cold roll – welded it to the back of the flat of T-Bar – then heated it in two spots both side to form to grill and frame. Last is to weld one piece both sides, is a 1″x2″ flat bar to be welded to cold roll and to be drilled for mounting in the sides of the frame. Final touches would be to sharpen and/or notch out for the cutters – keeping it mild so no one will get hurt. The weight of mine is about 18 pounds give or take and it sure gets alot of attention
The only thing is you have to be careful when walking around and when you are working under it as it’s really easy to forget that it is there. I have almost forgotten my name twice “it hurts alot when you stand up underneth it” but I can honestly say “it won’t happen ever again” I hope! I pretty much made my jeep to look like my fathers jeep when he served in the Korean War in the beginning of 1951 to the middle of 52′ A LOT of folks have asked Matt for some detailed pictures of his device. Below are some detailed shots that should help you out. Click them for larger views.
A 70° bend(note the caution flag!)
Flat bar – 6 inches long/2 bolts
Notched to recess in bumper