Willys Suppressors


Not meaning to make you crazy but if you own a Willys MB with serial numbers 103001 – 113045 and if you add the part missing from the factory do you still have a “factory” class or is it now a “motor pool” class. While obviously the Army wanted the suppressor added, it is a perplexing question for those who strive to return the jeep to something called “original”. The details can be maddening.

From Army Motors, Volume 3, page 119.

Because of a shortage of supply, a bunch of Willys jeeps (delivered under contract No. W-398-QM 10757 if that’ll help you any) were shipped out to the field without condensers on the genrators.

The vehicles are in the serial number group from 103001 to 113045 inclusive.

Since the lack of this condenser will put a loop-hole in your vehicle’s suppression system, we’d advise you to requisition one from Ft. Wayne. They’re ready for issue there now.

Order “Generator condenser filter, part No.A-5337, specifying your vehicle serial number.” Install according to our diagram.

Add the part No. and location to your Parts Book and maintenance manual.