Where Does They Wavy Washer Go?

tm91803trans01Ford produced GPWs at the River Rouge plant and then delivered some of them to the Fort Wayne Ordnance Depot. The Depot is only three miles from the Ford plant. One of those vehicles received by the Depot was selected and returned to the Ford Engineering Department. The vehicle was to be used to write the TM 9-1803 series of manuals. The pictures presented here are relative to TM 9-1803B and the infamous “wavy washer.”tm91803trans02Proof that this is a new and unmolested transmission is evidenced by the still present clip bolted on the shift tower back corner. So it has never been taken apart. tm91803trans03Photo taken after the shift tower was removed… there is the wavy spring washer and it’s on top where it belongs according to the TM 9-1803B. tm91803trans04 Above, is a close up of the wavy spring washer installed in the proper position. Also, note that this shifter plate doesn’t have the “U” welded on the bottom to add strength to the plate. So there you have it, exactly where the washer should be placed based on photos from the Ford factory Engineering Department! Thanks go to Jim Gilmore for access to these photos. See more at “Ford GPW Transmission Drawing“. Another friend sent me this from a 1950 mechanics manual from the Willys section:37-40_cane_type_shiftHow would you interpret it? Looks pretty vague.