These pages illustrate the tools that I have collected over the past twenty or some years.  Yes, I know  that some of the tools are not original.  However, they are representative of tools of the era.

jack This is a jack for the WW2 jeep. It works by inserting the lug wrench into a slot and then ratchet action either lifts or lowers.
axlsocktAn example of the socket used to remove the axle nuts.  Many don’t use this tool but use a hammer and  screwdriver.
hubpullrThis pulls the cap off the hub allowing access to the cotter pin and castellated nut.
greasegnThe later model grease gun is attached to the hood on the inside
lubchrt2The lubrication chart is a map to every point that needs lub. The trailer is on the back.
ballpeenThe hammer is a useful tool. I have used it to loosen sticky valves, just don’t bang too hard!
toolbag This air gauge is similar to the original gauge that came with the jeep.
toolbagTool bag from Beachwood Canvas for most all of your jeep’s tools.
chainbag Bag and tire chains to fit the 6.00 x 16 inch tire. Rust stains are from setting in the jeep’s tool box.