Contributionstoein This sketch, which Sgt. Fortin says is not to scale, is an efficient, home-made toe-in gage that can be whipped together in any second-echelon shop. Here’s its use as the Sgt. describes it: In use the toe-in gage is put on the wheels with the chains just touching the ground, then the zero on the sliding gage is moved to the pointer. Roll the truck forward again until the chains are just touching the ground. The distance that the pointer moves away from zero is the amount of toe-in. The divisions on the sliding gage are 1/8 inch apart. A set screw may be used to keep the gage in place. If a large-diameter retracting spring cannot be found, then three throttle return springs hooked in succession may be used, but the spring will have to be hooked on the outside of the sliding members of the toe-in gage. The gage can be used on all trucks including the jeep. toein2 From Army Motors, Jan 1943