Technical Bulletins, Ordnance

Truck, 1/4-Ton, 4×4 (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW).

Technical Bulletins-Ordnance
Name Date Description
TB ORD 10 3 April 44 Truck, 1/4-Ton, 4×4, Ford (Model GPW) and Willys (Model MB): Grease Gun Adapter. (reprint of TB 10-1206-1, 3 Apr. 43.)
TB ORD 12 12 Jan. 44 Ordnance Vehicles; Correct Propeller Shaft Universal Joint Lubricant.
TB ORD 28 3 Feb. 44 Wheeled and Half-Track Vehicles: Engine Sludge Formation in Low Temperature Operation.
TB ORD 60 13 March 44 Ordnance Vehicles: Lubrication of Generator Bearings.
TB ORD 73 28 March 44 Engine Rebuild Data for Type Two 5th Echelon Base Shops.
TB ORD 74 8 July 44 Ordnance Vehicles: Corrective Cleaning of Cooling System.
TB ORD 75 10 April 44 Gasoline-Powered Vehicles and Equipment Prevention of Gum Formation in Fuel Systems.
TB ORD 92 13 May 44 Ordnance Wheeled Vehicles: Installation of 5-Gallon Liquid Container Bracket.
TB ORD 117 Unknown Custom made holders for Lube Orders and where to stow them.
TB ORD 126 19 July 44 Cold Weather Lubrication and Service of Combat and Transport Materiel.
TB ORD 146 23 May 43 Ordnance Vehicles: Correcting Windshield defrosted switch short circuit.
TB ORD 147 24 July 43 Ordnance Wheeled Vehicles; Provision for a Lubricant Passage on Universal Joint Trunnion Ends.
TB ORD 161 28 May 43 Ordnance Vehicles; Mounting Decontaminating Appratus, M2.
TB ORD 163 22 June 43 Ordnance Vehicles; Mounting Universal Rifle Bracket.
TB ORD FE 6 22 June 44 Ordnance Vehicles: Improvement of Universal Rifle Bracket.
TB ORD 173 30 Aug. 44 Unit Replacement and Repair Time Guide For Wheeled Vehicles.
TB ORD 205 Unknown Engine valve-tappet clearance.
TB ORD 215 30 Oct. 44 Ordnance Engines, Run-In after Rebuilding.
TB ORD 217 8 Nov. 44 All Ordnance Combat and Transport Vehicles: Gear Case Lubricant Levels.
TB ORD 218 8 Nov. 44 All Ordnance Combat and Transport Vehicles: Replacement of Low Pressure (80 lb.) Universal Joint Relief Valves with High Pressure (1500 lb.) Relieve Valves and Availability of Thin Stem Lubricating Adapter.
TB ORD 224 27 Nov. 44 Paints and Painting.