Seat Tool Locker


Here’s something we ran across in the Canadian Army’s maintenance magazine, CAM. Looks like the best bet yet when it comes to rigging up a tool box under the back seat of the ¼-ton jeep, which is something many a jeep driver has been yearning for for years. Lt. R. H. D. Todd’s idea is to weld a plate onto the floorboard at the front edge of the rear seat, and another across the back, to keep the tools from rolling out.

The seat lifts up on its hinge and, with a padlock attached, forms a lockable lid for your improvised tool compartment. The drawing below shows you the whole set-up. All you need is about one man-hour and:

1 mild-steel plate, 36½” x 4½” x 3/16″ 1 mild-steel plate, 33½” x 4½” x 3/16″ 1 hasp and staple, 3″ 1 padlock

Shake well while using–and you still won’t be losing your tools.

From Army Motors, Volume 5, page 344, February 1945.