Scott’s River Crossing

scottsjeep Scott and his jeep crossing through a river. Could this be the same jeep that caused so much consternation for its’ owner last year? Looks great this year!
TrailRide25Jan-001 An M-151 shows how it is done.
TrailRide25Jan-002 A nice line up of 1/4-tons.
TrailRide25Jan-003An M-151 shows how it is done.
TrailRide25Jan-004 The M-151 has just about made it thru the crossing.
TrailRide25Jan-005 Scott’s jeep just begins.
TrailRide25Jan-006 For many of us this is what it’s all about. Driving. We work hard sometimes for years to be able to drive through muck for a couple of hours.
TrailRide25Jan-007 What a view!
  Picture Sources: Scott David