Santa’s Visit To Sunny Florida

santahoodDSC00018sm2Santa paid us an early visit to sunny Florida. What a chilly day it was! santashootsDSC00021smSanta was not having a good day. Seems the jeep wouldn’t start and he was going to “fix” it. sanatatoysDSC00025smHis sleigh (pulled by sixty little reindeer…on a good day and at 4000rpms) was filled with toys for boys and girls of all ages.santaDSC00016smSanta relexing on the hood of the GPW. A nice warm spot on such a cold day. santahoodDSC00018sm2 Aside from wanting to shoot his jeep,Santa was a jolly old guy. There sure has been some strange weather down here in Florida…four hurricanes in a row and now a snow storm with a visit from a famous jeepnut–Santa.