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Winching the Jeep

winch3 ropewinch1 Here is a winch that anyone can afford! Looks like it would be easy to make, although some of the details are missing…like how the wheel is affixed. A flange could be created that matches the wheel pattern. It could be that some sort of extend-a-lug has been used to lenghten the lug. A close-up of the picture reveals some nuts approximately in the same pattern as the lugs. ropewinch2 Rope is laid out behind the vehicle. The rope appears to be 1 inch hemp. If rope is used it would have to be fairly stout in order to support the weight of the vehicle and the stresses involved. Another consideration is the diameter of the rope as it relates to the amount of take-up space. In other words you may not be able to winch the vehicle very far. An interesting concept that may well be worth giving a try! Source: Fundamentals of Mechanics, October 1944