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Comparative Tests of Bantam, Ford, Willys Jeeps by the Infantry Board

Bantam Ford Willys
Overall Rating 2 3 1
Grade Climbing Ability 2 3 1
Braking tests 1 3 2
Cross Country Ability 1 1 1
Highes Level Road Speed 59 mph 64 mph 74 mph
Fuel Consumption, speed range 20 to 50 mph 23.2 mpg 20.9 mpg 20.2 mpg
Turning Radius 20.4 ft 17.3 ft 19.4 ft
Grade Climbing 28° in low ratio second gear Succeeded, no reserve power Failed to reach top Topped raise at 10mph, great reserve
Best Features steering handbrake seats engine, superior, greater torque
springs springs top
headlights transmission, greater ease of shifting
front brake line protection front brake line protection
tire carrier radiator
gear shift location stronger frame
Unfavorable Features inaccessibility of handbrake performance poor driver’s position
difficulty fastening top gear shifting difficult leg room
carburetor failure on sever slopes steering unsatisfactory, wanders accelerator pedal location
difficult top setup handbrake location
carburetor failure on severe slopes gearshift lever location
carburetor failure on severe slopes
Price, net $946.04 $925.00 $949.41
– from The Jeep –It’s Development and Procurement Under the Quartermaster Corps, 1940-1942 by H. Rifkind, 1943.