ORDnance Supply Nomenclature Lists

Truck, 1/4-Ton, 4×4 (Willys-Overland Model MB and FORD Model GPW).

ORDnance Supply Nomenclature Lists
Name Date Description
ORD 2 1 Feb 45 Index, C1
ORD 5, SNL H-14 28 Nov. 44 Tires, tubes tire valve and patches. C1.
ORD 6, SNL G-27 1 Jul.44 Sec 1. Tool Sets (Special), Automotive and Semi-Automotive.
ORD 6, SNL G-27 1 Jan 45 Sec 2. Tool Sets (Common), Specialists and Organizational. 2nd echelon only needs Section 2.
ORD 6, N-19 C2 24 Jan. 44 Tool sets, motor transport C2. Basic 29 Oct 43.
ORD 7 SNL G-503 Oct.49 Organizational Maintenance Allowances.#1
ORD 7, OSPE 11 Oct 44 Tool lists, Organizational Spare Parts and Equipment. Tells what tools the vehicle itself carries (first echelon) and what special tools the second echelon needs.
ORD 7, SNL G-503 19 Jan 45 Parts List, C1.
ORD 8, SNL G-503 Sep. 49 Field and Depot Maintenance Allowances.#1
ORD 8, SNL G-503 Aug. 51 Field and Depot Maintenance Allowances. (supercedes Sep 1949.)#1
ORD 9, SNL G-503 15 Feb 45 Parts List
SNL G-503 Unknown Temporary Addendum.
ORD 9 SNL G-503 October 1949 List of all service parts.#1
ORD 9 SNL G-503 OSPE June 1943 Organizational Spare Parts and Equipment.#1
SNL G-503 15 Jan. 44 Parts Listed Illustrated.
SNL G-503 C1 10 Feb. 44 C1
SNL K-1 C4 1 Nov 42 Cleaning, preserving and lubricating materials. Paint included. C4.
#1 Information supplied or corrected by Ian Fawbert of Australia.