New Uses for the Jeep: Double-Header Jeeps


The ubiquitous jeep, with a tandem hitch, now can be used in pairs or sets of three to tow airplanes along taxiways. The hitch, which is being distributed in kits by ASC to all squadrons (two each except heavy and troop-carrier which are allotted three each) on a requisition bass, enables two jeeps to do many of the prime moving jobs for which the 2 1/2-ton truck is designed.

Tests indicate the jeeps, in addition to other duties, now can tow planes on concrete or hard-surface taxiways. When the ground is uneven or wet, an extra jeep usually is needed in the procession. The hitch replaces the bumper and becomes a permanent part of the jeep. When not in use, it can be folded back and fastened to a bracket on the radiator grill.

Picture Source: Popular Science, Dec 1944 Information Source: Military Review, Apr 1945