New Transmission Case for 1/4 – Tons

Tips from Army Motors

There is a wealth of information available in the original WW2 Army Motors published by the Technical Service Division, Holabird Quartermaster Motor Base, Baltimore, MD New Transmission Case for 1/4 – Tons newtrans This article originally appeared on pages 263 of Vol. 5, Army Motors (Dec 1944). If you’re building a factory style jeep, do you have the wrong transmission?  Jeeps built before Willys engine number 489482 or Ford engine number 235470 should have the smaller gear oil capacity case. The “new” improved case is marked with an embossed H on the case.  The new case will hold a quart of oil as opposed to the “original” case that holds only 3/4. For the rest of the story, click here for a PDF file (855kb)