My Story

My Story, The Jeep Trip & More

bobjeepBefore beginning my jeeps story, here’s a shot taken after a successful 138 mile mission. This was the first “long” adventure this jeep has ever made in the twenty years I have owned. It was a great day.

The jeep was sold to me by a kid in Panama City, FL. It was a “1941 Willies”.  I had just sold my ’53 M38A1 jeep because I had gotten out of the Air Force to go to college.  Well, not two months goes by and I experienced jeep withdrawal.  If you don’t know what that is count your blessings!

I purchased the jeep for $750 and drove it home about 20 miles.  It was only then that I noticed it had virtually no oil.  So I filled it up and started the jeep.  Smoke was pouring out the exhaust.