My Story The Jeep

CRW_3620 Above, side view of jeep with Jill. The only paper work I got was a bill of sale. Not being a resident of Florida, I didn’t think much of it at the time. So I waltzed on down to the DMV to get a tag for it. They said that I needed the title. So what to do? The last registration was in Alabama and it wasn’t the person I bought it from. Well, luckily I was going to school in Troy, Alabama at Troy State. So after school I went down to the DMV office in my ROTC uniform (since that had been my last class of the day). I told the man behind the counter I would like to register my jeep. He said, what year is it? I told him that that it was a 1942. He asked, do you have a bill of sale? Yes, sir, I answered. Then he started typing up the registration, just asking me questions, never even looked at the bill of sale. What is it? Ford. Year? 1942. Engine Number? Etc. Finally, to add icing on the cake, he asked me if I was a resident of Alabama. I said no sir, I’m going to Troy State, I live in Panama City, FL. He said well if you are in the military I can charge you the resident fee (which was cheaper). You’re in uniform, so that’s military enough for me. Next