My Story The Jeep Lube Chart Holder

jeep7Most of the restorative work was done in North Dakota during my missile tour from 83 to 88.  That’s when I replaced the frame.  Louis Larsen of Willys of Minneapolis sold it to me along with a slew of other parts.  The frame had been restored by a kid who subsequently ran out of money.  The frame looked brand new, no goober welds! The lube chart holder was made for me based on information in Ray Cowdery’s All American Wonder, Volume 1. During this rebuild I decided to keep the jeep with the voltage I had found it with, namely 12 volts.  It sure does spin the starter.  I attempted to install a 12 volt generator  ($150.00) and 12 volt regulator ($150.00) and preceded to fry the regulator.  It sure was pretty before it fried, looked just like a 6 volt.  Well, I had had enough of that.  So I went down to the local autoparts store and bought a 12 volt self-regulating alternator.  Easy three wire hook-up.  Guess I never did get it right though because it has a short that  I still haven’t sorted out after all these years.  Never been a high enough priority.