My Story The Jeep

IMG_3780 Above, view of Jill checking the oil. You can also see the lube chart mounted on the hood. This would not be a factory application but a field modification to add the lube chart stowage. Minot was also were I learned that NDT or Non-Directional Tread sure means just that when driving on light snow and pavement…you’re not going in any direction. Just slip-sliding away. That coupled with squirrelly brakes. There are those that argue the 9 inch brakes that came with the jeep are sufficient. My experience is that no matter how often I adjusted the brakes the pucker factor never diminished. I found the brakes to be so poor in operation that I ended up parking my jeep for about 5 years before trying something new. winterwillys02sm1 Well, okay, there are far too many pictures for this to be North Dakota. You got me on that one. But brother was it ever cold! Next