My Story The Jeep

CRW_3665 Above, view of Jill in the jeep going on a picnic. Since I started this jeep without benefit of the Internet or having an expert nearby to give me a hand, I made compromises.  I originally couldn’t find 6 volt parts at a reasonable price so I decided to keep my jeep the farm tested 12 volts. Using 12 volts has helped in a number of ways. First, in the beginning, I had nothing but troubles. I was always needing a jump start. While you can, if you know what your are doing, jump start a 6 volt jeep with 12 volts…it is easier to convince somebody to give you a jump if it is 12 to 12. They don’t mind helping you but draw the line at damaging their own vehicles (hey, maybe that battery will explode). The second reason is -45°F below zero. 12 volts just starts better and I guess 24 volts would start better than 12. There are those that can get by on 6 volts and I salute them. I like the dependability over originality of 12. Now that I live in sunny and warm (don’t you believe it!) Florida, I could get by with the 6 volt but frankly I have just become too use to it. So if I were to win the Lottery then maybe my next jeep will be restored to original factory like condition. Next