My Story The Jeep

jeep19I found an old military electronics box of some sort and stuffed it in my jeep. It contains a CB and a modern radio with cassette so I can listen to my 40s tunes to get the jeep in the mood.The original Phillipine body contained composite indents for the tool box latch. So I had the GPWs welded in. It looks pretty good.   jeep20Above, view of fake “radio” box and welded in GPW details. Hard to believe that I have had this jeep for over twenty years. There are those that will say that I have ruined the jeep by adding civvy items to it. But this jeep really never existed. It is a creation from parts and I think it holds true to the over-all jeep. After-all the war for the US was only from 41-45. Forty years had past when I got her and now I have added twenty years of my own history. I never set out to create a factory original. It was to be a representation of the war years. It won’t fool the expert and wasn’t meant too. It is my daily driver, combat weary, if you will. Retired from active duty just like it’s owner. We no longer worry about spit and polish and can relax in our civvy shoes, comforted in the certain knowledge that those who have come after us will carry on. Next