My Story The Jeep

jeep5The interior is mostly stock. The floor is covered with black carpet heavy rubber mats to help absorb noise. In the picture at the right you can see a big black knob on the dash. This is the cold weather primer pump. You can also see an extra switch next to the light master switch, this is the defroster switch. The defrosters are stowed when not in use in the little metal boxes secured to the right rear fender well. They’re visible in the picture below.   jeep4Above, gun rack, turn signal, cold weather primer pump, extra stick on the floor is the over-drive. The steering wheel is one of the few items I haven’t yet replaced from my original purchase. Since this is my daily driver I am working on a design to increase the safety of the front two seats. I am planning on attaching a couple of brackets and sheet metal to increase the height of the seat back and add a head rest. Then cover the extra portion in canvas. Should look okay for daily driving. Then if I ever do parade duty the whole mess will slide out by removing pins. Next