My Story The Jeep

jeep15 Blackout driving light 6volt. The blackout driving light was always fun to use when I would drive on to the base at night. It is 6volt and run from a voltage stepdown device that I purchased from JC Whitney. It has worked for nearly twenty years. Now watch, now that I said that it will be burnt out the next time I try to use it! 742bssmNifty tag and above is the 742 Bomb Squadron patch that would have been sewn on their leather jackets, etc. jeep16 My jeep was painted in Army war paint and was designated as headquarters vehicle number 2 of 15th Air Force, 455th Bomb Group. As I mentioned, I was a missile officer at Minot AFB, ND. That designation on my bumper was the ancestor of my unit, the 91st Strategic Missile Wing, 742nd Strategic Missile Squadron. Next