My Story The Jeep

icefog Above, photograph of ice fog, just kidding but it gives you idea of the taillights in front of you, really close up. Fun driving! Of course, in the dead of winter in Alaska, it is nearly dark 24/7. And at oh dark thirty it is no exception… but the AF waits for no one. You got to be there, you better be there. So there I am driving the 15 or so miles to the base. Dressed in Mukluks (boots), parka and bunny pants. Two heaters installed, one for the toes and one in between the seats. (I still have the one in between the seats because here in north Florida it still gets plenty cold.) It’s so cold that ice fog (this is just pure evil, it is unlike any other fog you can experience) is present. It’s made up of tiny little ice crystals that are so light they seem to hang suspended in the air. I’m driving down the road and can’t see anything except the white line out my defrosted windows (another cold weather kit item). Up ahead there might be a vehicle. Yep, I can just make out a taillight that is being obscured by the vehicle exhaust which adds to the fog and the fog itself. Finally, I made it to the base and saluted through the gate shack, driving through to were the temporary command post is setup at the wrong end of the runway. But if driving the jeep wasn’t enough to make the trip more interesting, just as I turn onto the driveway of the command post, I see momma moose and baby moose trucking through the deep snow (about 4 or more feet thick.) Baby is in the road and I ease on by doing my best not to be late and not to spook either momma (not a good idea) or the baby. We only stayed in Alaska for 3 years and I rebuilt the motor again during this time. This time I had it sleeved back to standard and did everything except the machine work myself. Next