My Story The Jeep

jeep12a Above, dry cartridge adapter and filter After North Dakota, I was sent to Fairbanks, Alaska. Drove up the ALCAN (that was in a Suburban not the jeep!), draggin the jeep through Canada with me. During our stay, I had the opportunity to drive the jeep at -45° F.(actual temp none of that wimpy windchill stuff) as my primary daily vehicle wouldn’t start and I had one of those AF jobs where you had to get to work no matter what.. I kept the ol’ gal in the garage and she started right up. The jeep at that time had two heaters, one under the dash for my toes and one in between the seats. Now if you have never lived in Alaska you might not understand the thrill of driving in ice fog so thick that you can’t see anything in front of you. I had to follow the white line painted in the middle of the road. Next