My Jeep

My Jeep After The Last Refurb my001 myjeep003   People talk about Hummers and such but I say who cares. There’s nothing better than a jeep. A Ford GPW jeep is even better. myjeep004 All the while, while I was shooting these pictures the jeep’s engine was purring. What a great vehicle to have. myjeep005 Driver’s side rear quarter view. myjeep006 Rear view. myjeep007 Passenger side rear quarter view. myjeep008 Passenger side view. myjeep009 Passenger side front quarter view. myjeep010 interior shot of dash. myjeep011 Interior shot looking to the rear drivers’ side. That’s just an old military surplus box I found somewhere and mounted a radio. I need to do some more work in that area. myjeep012 Looking to install a CD player so I can have some period toons to play.Passenger side view of the dash. That red sticker is for the WARN overdrive that I installed on this jeep. The jeep drives very nicely at 50-55mph. myjeep013 Unfortunately, the data plates are not original and are not even good reproductions. I have some very nice repros from Europe that I purchased from Richard Grace. Eventually I will find them in my garage and install them. myjeep014 Interior shot of rear passenger side. myjeep015 Engine bay fom the passenger side. I installed a NOS dust-proof distributor that I purchased from Joel in Maine. A gruff but nice guy. myjeep016 Engine bay from the drivers’ side showing my installed T-1 Air Compressor. It’s a clever device. Turn the ignition off, engage the compressor, and use the compressor. When you are done, just kick the revs up and the air compressor will disengage itself. myjeep017 Strickly speaking a May 1942 jeep wouldn’t have had a lube chart and bracket under the hood. But I’m going with the Motor Pool angle here as listed in TB ORD 117 (Custom made holders for Lube Orders and where to stow them.) Unfortunately, that’s all I have, anyone have the actual TB? myjeep018 Another engine bay shot. Showing the NOS (well it was TWENTY YEARS AGO), Oil Bath, Air Filter that I purchased still sealed in the box from Surplus City Jeep Parts. myjeep019 This is a shot of my WW2 tandem hitch. The postwar hitch left the original bumper in place and then mounted the hitch with some plates in front. I have had this hitch for about 20 years. Never used it. I feel it is too short a draw to use behind my vehicle. myjeep020 Close up view of the rear of my jeep, showing the registration number and Ford script. Unfortunately, the stencils I purchased from a nationally advertized outfit did not have the correct font for my WW2 jeep. So yes, I know it’s wrong. It took me nearly 20 years to find the Ford script and get it installed into the rear panel of my repro bodied jeep. It was a great day when I got it installed. The 455th Bomb Group was the parent organization of the 742BS (see next page). myjeep021 Close up view of my unit markings. This stands for the 742nd Bomb Squadron, 9th vehicle. I was stationed in Minot, ND in the 1980s, assigned to the 742nd Strategic Missile Squadron. The history of that unit was developed in WW2 as the 742nd BS.

742 Bomb Squadron patch from WW2.
myjeep022 Drivers’ side wheel well. myjeep023 Yes, my jeep has disk brakes. It was a long battle to get them installed. They work so much better than my stock set up. myjeep024Another view of the disk brakes, you can see the spacers I had to have machined to get the brakes to work. myjeep025 Close up view of my ‘Sparton’ horn repro. It’s a 12 volt horn that I have had for about 20 years. myjeep027 Passenger side view of muffler. I’m pretty sure my jeep should be sporting a round muffler instead of oval…but alas, the Motor Pool beckons. myjeep028 My jeeps’ transfer case and parking brake. It is a PARKING BRAKE not an emergency brake. Unfortunately, I have the late war version instead of the correct band version. myjeep029 Yes, my jeep has disk brakes on ALL four corners and boy does she stop. The springs are not GPW but were purchased from JC Whitney in 1983. I’ve learned a LOT since then…like keep the ORIGINAL body at all costs. Oh, well, water under the bridge. myjeep030 Vaccum wipers on my jeep. These are neater than the JC Whitney electrical versions I use to have. But alas, they are just junk and not really for the jeep. But they work after a fashion…intermittently during the rain. Let off the gas and they wipe, give the gas and they pause. myjeep003 Well, that’s some pictures of my jeep. You may have noticed the top? It’s an Olive Drab vinyl top made in the 1980s by BestTop (I believe) and it has been super. I rate it superior to the canvas version. No shrinkage. Of course, it’s not correct for a show jeep…but then I NEVER wanted a show jeep, I wanted a jeep to play with and that I have for lo’ these 25 years!