Motor Transport Technical Service Bulletins

Truck, 1/4-Ton, 4×4 (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW).

Motor Transport Technical Service Bulletins.
Name Date Description
MTTSB D-3 Unknown Willys MB 1/4-Ton, 4×4 (contract No. W-398-QM-10757), generator filter condenser.
MTTSB E-11 Unknown Willys MB 1/4-Ton, front axle steering arms.
MTTSB F-1 Unknown Willys MA 1/4-Ton 4×4, right front engine-support bracket reinforcement and removal of radiator shroud ring.
MTTSB I-7 Unknown Willys MB, 1/4-Ton 4×4, shift-lever pilot pin.
MTTSB L-7 Unknown Willys MA 1/4-Ton 4×4, pipe fittings for correcting interference between drag link and oil-pressure sender.
MTTSB T-1 Unknown Tires, 6.00-16 (all tread designs) for trucks, 1/4-ton 4×4.
MTTSB X-7 Unknown Recommended mounting for pioneer tool bracket and 5-gallon gasoline can bracket.
MTTSB X-12 Unknown Willys MA 1/4-Ton 4×4, hood top panel windshield–out bumpers.
MTTSB X-16 Unknown Defroster, electric 6-volt motor vehicle windshield–installation and operation
MTTSB X-19 Unknown Ford GPW 1/4-Ton 4×4, oil gage.
MTTSB Z-8 Unknown Waterproofing canvas.
MTTSB Z-9 Unknown Painting of motor vehicles.
MTTSB Z-12 Unknown Unloading motor vehicles form freight cars