Military Maintenance for MB/GPW Jeeps 1941-45 (CD)


The CD version of my book was the “first” edition and is no longer available.  The hardcopy version is still available!

For your reading pleasure, a few teaser pages extracted from my book Military Maintenance for MB/GPW Jeeps 1941-45. This includes a few pages from the introduction and a couple of other interesting pages plus the covers. Please note the kb which hopefully will give you a warning as to how long it might take you to download some of the pages. cover 187kb i 145kb ii 63kb iii 46kb 1  60kb 2  157kb 3  194kb 4  66kb 5  65kb 25 732kb (note this page is not linked to the others) 179 655kb 275 1034kb rear 645kb index 61kb While most of the material itself is not copyrighted, the layout is and I have restricted access during this test to only view. So you won’t be able to print the pages out. To help you decide if this book is for you I have posted to the web the books index. As you can see there is a lot of information in this book. I hope you enjoy these pages..and if you are interested in obtaining a copy, you can find it here. Bob N