Major Ferrell’s Jeep

jeepedna Edna wrote: Hi again! These are the only jeep pictures that I have. They were taken in 1942 at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, shortly before he went to different places training civilian doctors for the military. (I went with him.) He stayed in the service after WW2 and retired in 1970 from the AF. He taught nurses at FSU (Florida State University) for 3 years and then quit. Sorry that I don’t have more pictures. Edna Note– the jeep has a round muffler. While you may not make it out the clearly, the original scan seemed to indicated that the fire extinguisher was brass and not painted. Also, no rifle rack on the windshield or radio junction box under the passenger seat. Edna Haigh Ferrell in a WW2 jeep, 1942. Her husband, Major Lee F. Ferrell, MD, obtained permission to take the jeep out for the day and he showed the jeep to Edna. jeeplee (Dr.) Maj. Lee F. Ferrell, MD, 1942. cf2 Camp Forrest during WW2 located near Tullahoma, Tennessee. Camp Forrest was declared surplus property and all the buildings sold off in 1946. “Soon after the close of the camp, the area was selected for the site of the new Air Engineering Development Center. In 1951 that center was dedicated by President Truman and renamed the Arnold Engineering Development Center in honor of General of the Air Force Henry H. “Hap” Arnold. World War II Commander of the Army Air Corps and the only Air Force officer to hold 5-star rank.” from an Arnold AFB Factsheet. Units that served at Camp Forrest billedna Bill Walker and Edna Ferrell (Walker) 1998. Mrs. Walker contacted me recently in response to my request for pictures taken in WW2 with GIs and jeeps (and of course family members). She graciously loaned me her pictures.