How’s Your Truck, Buck?

truckbuck2a From Army Motors, Volume 4, page 44, April 1944. As of 1 Apr 44, the items listed in the graphic above where the options to have. Of interest is the rifle rack/brackets which was issued under TB 1800-2. First mention of the rack appeared on page 205 of the October 42 Army Motors with “New Rifle bracket” “It replaces the old leather boot-it’s universal, it handles any rifle.” Based on these publications it would appear that the rifle rack and brackets were available for issue for vehicles that did not come with them from the factory, including jeeps. Ord 9 SNL G-503 15 Feb 45 on page 209 under “Gun Holders” the following parts are listed:

  • WO-A-11581 (Bracket, support, rifle holder to windshield, left, assembly)
  • WO-A-11584 (Bracket, support, rifle holder to windshield, right, assembly)