How to Troubleshoot and Repair the T84J transmission

MB/GPW Jeeps 1941-1945

trannycddesigntranny01sm           This CD is no longer available but the book is! Do you think it is hard to rebuild a T84J transmission for the Willys MB or the Ford GPW? Well, it only contains approximately 58 parts. If you fellow step-by-step instructions, you can easily do it yourself. The “tranny cd” is a combination of text, animations and video that was produced to make the rebuild easy. Save yourself money and know that your transmission was rebuilt to your expectations! The CD was full of helpful animations and video shorts that illustrate how the T84J transmission goes together. The media presentations coupled with the text makes it easy to understand it all. At the right is a gif conversion from the mpeg original animation that illustrates how to save a well worn case by having a bushing made. A tip generously given by Jim Gilmore. And there are more tips… If you would like to see the videos that were on the CD a copy of the”tranny cd”, please go to Youtube: The book is still available at Bob N bushings