Frank the Viking Volvo Powered GPW

Frank the Viking is a good web friend that has shared a picture or two with me (see Winterization Kit page). Well now Frank has a super powered GPW. It is fitted with a Volvo B20 engine coupled to the original T-84J transmission (thru an adapter plate). Frank says with 100 HP it will move! While not “original” it certainly is an interesting vehicle. Thanks Frank for sharing these pictures with me. VolvoB20LH The Volvo B20 100 HP engine. Why it just speaks power. I shudder at the thought of how fast this beast will go. RHsideAt left, side view of jeep. Notice how the top – It appears to be an OD vinyl? Is this a Norwegian top? Looks good what ever it is.     RHfrontNotice the interesting overflow tank mounted to the grill and the RAF paint job. Ulla looks mahvelous.     DirtyengLHAnother interesting engine bay shot from the left side. Actually very well done. It would be easy to incorporate an original style filter and couple it to the carb.     dirtyengRHA view of the engine bay shot this time from the right side. While it would be possible to install the original style air filter it might be necessary to install it in the French Hotchkiss M201 manner on the drivers side. It appears that the manifold on the left side my make it too cramped to fit on the right side.