Ford GP in Snow and Muck!

snow8 Here are some pictures of two Ford GP jeeps that are no primadonnas! These pictures are from Lex Schmidt of Holland. snow7 A GP followed by a Dodge Weapons Carrier slugs through the mud. gpwater1 A Ford GP entering the water. Now come on how many of you would do this with a “common” GPW, let alone a pre-standardized GP? Using these babies in a manner they were designed for strikes me as a way to connect to the past. Albeit, in an incomplete yet satisfying manner…after all, most trips today no one is going to be shooting at you..except maybe old man McGee for trespass! gpwater2 Water is coming in amidship. Start bailing! The GP slogs forward. gpwaterx I’m thinking that draining the transmission, transfer case, axles and repacking the bearings and knuckles is going to need to be done in short order. Now were is that drain? gpwater4 Any doubts why you need a winshield cover? Get a cover or some mud on that glass quick before you are spotted!

gpwater3 The GP crew takes a break from their swim.
snow6 Having survived the water and mud, next the crew encounters snow.
snow1 Rest stop. What’s a little snow? The crews are dressed for it.
snow2 Close up giving you an idea of the intensity of the snow.
snow4 So who needs vacuum wipers and defroster kits? Or heaters? Or winter enclosures? Not this crew.
snow3View from the inside. Notice the hull compass so the crew doesn’t become lost.
Well it finally stopped snowing. Time to remove the top and lower the windshield. Breath in that fresh air! For me this is what it is all about. Driving the jeep. Having a blast with your friends and in some small way paying homage to the original crews all those years ago. Lex and his friends certainly do a great job of it.
Picture Sources: Lex Schmidt