Firestone Tires by Coker

After an exceptionally long wait the Firestone tires that I ordered in June 2004 from Coker finally arrived in March 2005. tire_labelThe tire looks very good with substantially all the correct markings and none of the standard tell-tale markings of the modern world. I ordered four of the 6-ply 6.00×16 tires. firestone_ground_grip Firestone Ground Grip tires and marked type ND. gum_dipped Another marking says that the tire is “gum dipped”. heavy_duty_BL The tire is marked heavy duty and BL. The BL stands for bead lock. indent On the sidewall is an indent molded into the tire. I’m not certain at this point what it is for but it may be for the “red” tag or circle that goes on the WW2 tires. military “MILITARY” is prominently featured on the tire. S-3 “S-3” is also molded into the sidewall. small_red_dot The small red dot is the balance point. This should be lined up with the tires’air valve (on the inner tube). tread_and_wear_bars The tread looks very good and the wear bars don’t go all around the tire. tread_side_view A view of the tread from the side. A nice squarish look. The tires look very good and in the first analysis well worth the wait! I will get out my copy of the WW2 manual on tires and see how the markings compare! balance_mark_manual A view of the tread from the side. A nice squarish look.       combat_manual This appears to be the one missing marking!       serial_number The serial number seems to be much as the original.       synthetic The synthetic marking on the Firestone is S-3.         tread_manual The tread looks very much like this picture from WW2.           60016BL The tire carries the same markings–6.00-16 and BL. Overall, Coker has done a pretty good job.     tire_mounted_01 The tire mounted to my postwar rims. It looks pretty good. This could be very subjective but I swear these tires feel heavier then the Denmans(tm) I removed! Of course the Denmans(tm) were well used.       xc0d7sat The wheel and tire combo looks pretty good on my jeep. I am very pleased with the over-all job that Coker has done with these tires. I hope that they will take the time and investment to update their other WW2 NDT tires and make them just as good.