Field Modifications

automec2 What is a field modification? Well, as this is my web site I will give you my definition. A change to a production vehicle (for this website that would primarily be the Ford GPW or the Willys MB “jeep” that can be implemented under other than factory conditions. It is also those changes perpetrated on innocent vehicles by GIs out of need or desire. Some of those GI changes were picked up by the factory types and subsequently implemented on all production vehicles of a given type. For example, the field noticed that the tail of a jeep was too weak to support the spare tire and a gas can, so they bolted or welded in supports…then along comes a factory field kit to do the same thing. In the Field Modifications pages you will see information concerning modern “field mods” as well, such as disk brakes, dry air bath adapter and electronic ignition. But most of the information will focus on “original” modifications, like the winterization kit with cold weather primer pump, heater and defrosters among other things. To see the various items in this section, merely use the menu at left. Hovering over the Field Mods link will reveal currently available entries. I hope you enjoy the mods as much as I do. If you have pictures of any of these items I would like to have a copy if you are so inclined to share. You might find them posted here!

CRW_3812)cartoonsm Top Picture credit, original from Army Motors.