Equipment Repair and Preparation

These are technical manuals (TM) unless otherwise marked (i.e., TB for technical bulletin)

Name Date Description
9-834 1 Jun. 44 Vehicular General Purpose Unit Equipment.
9-850 12Apr. 42 Cleaning, Preserving, Lubricating and Welding materials and similar items as issued by the Ordnance Department.#1
9-850 24 Aug 44 Cleaning, Preserving, Sealing, Lubrication and Related Materials Issued for Ordnance Material.
9-1825A 12 Jan. 44 Electrical Equipment (Delco-Remy).
9-1825B 20 Jan. 44 Electrical Equipment (Auto-Lite).
9-1826A 11 Feb. 44 Carburetors (Carter).
9-1827C 21 Jan. 44 Hydraulic Brakes (Wagner-Lockheed).
9-1829A 15 Apr. 44 Speedometers, Tachometers and Recorders.
9-1868 27 May 43 Tire Repair and Retread. C1 is dated 13 November 1943.#1
9-2853 4 Jan. 44 Preparation of Ordnance Materiel for Deep Water Fording.
31-200 1 Apr. 43 Maintenance and Care of Pneumatic Tires and Rubber Treads.
31-200 20 Apr. 42 Maintenance and Care of Pneumatic Tires and Rubber Treads. The later version is a better choice as it illustrates the WW2 tire tread and provides information on what should be found on the sidewalls of the tires.#1
TB 31-200-6 3 Oct 44 Tire pressures. 30 lbs pressure in the 6.00-16, 6-ply tires on the 1/4-Ton truck. Reduced from 35 lbs.
#1 – Information corrected or supplied by Ian Fawbert of Australia.