Engine – Cylinder Head Torque Sequence Chart

headseq Installation: Clean cylinder head, tops of pistons, and cylinder block thoroughly. Place cylinder head gasket in position on cylinder block.

NOTE: The front and rear center studs are pilot studs to correctly position the gasket.

Install the gasket without using sealer or other compound. Install cylinder head.

CAUTION: Do not damage oil filler pipe.

Install rear bonding strap, oil filter, and air cleaner bracket. Install cylinder head bolts and nuts. Tighten cylinder screws and nuts evenly and in sequence, using a torque-wrench (screws, 65 to 70 ft-lb; nuts, 60 to 65 ft-lb). Connect oil filter tube, install distributor cap, and attach sparkplug wires to correct plugs. Install readiator upper tube, tighten hose clamps, and close radiator drain cock. Fill the cooling system, giving due attention to antifreeze, if required. Start the engine, check cooling system for leaks and let it warm up to normal operating temperature. See that cooling solution level has not gone down; replenish if necessary. Then retorque all head bolts in the proper sequence.

Note: It is advisable to check the tightness of the head bolts again after 500 to 600 miles [800 to 960 km.] of normal operation.

From TM 9-803 Willys Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW 1/4 Ton 4×4 Technical Manual .