Divided Type Wheels

How to Demount Tires on Divided Type Wheels

image100 To demount: (1) Demount wheel and deflate tire by removing valve core. DANGER: Do not take wheel apart before deflating, as otherwise it will blow apart and cause injury. Remove valve lock cone from valve stem and install valve cap. Remove nuts which hold wheel together.


image092Work beads loose from seats on both sides. Use universal tire tool, Stock No. 41-1-780.

image094Pry inner half of wheel off. Alternately pry one side, then the other. Avoid cocking wheel holes against studs. Lift off inner half of wheel. Turn tire over and remove other half of wheel.

image096First stand tire up with valve at the top. Push valve from hole into tire. Push beadlock down, with the heel, into tire at point opposite valve hole.

image098Grasp beadlock with both hands near valve hole, and standing on tire, pull up and out. Complete removal of beadlock. Remove tube. [MOUNTING]