Color of Tire Pump for the WW2 Jeep?

Willys_MB_with_pump One of the questions that often comes up is what is the correct color of this or that tool. These are pictures that thru analysis will seek to prove that the pump was olive drab. The photos were donated by Jim Gilmore from his extensive collection of photos and documentation related to the jeep. In the above photo you can clearly see a tire pump as the seat is lifted up. This is obviously a factory photo used to demonstrate the welder setup in the jeep. Of course, our interest lies elsewhere at the moment…We know that the color of the jeep itself is olive drab lustreless. The canvas top (folded up and thrown on the floor of the back of the jeep) is also olive drab. I have blown up the registration number so that those among you who desire can date the jeep. Close up of jeep registration number 20643175 jeepregnumber See the close up of the pump below. close_up_pump Close up of Tire Pump from Willys MB 20643175 Jeep, Let’s zoom in yet further… pumpcloseup2 Further close up of Tire Pump from Willys MB 20643175 Jeep That should help to satisfy the Willys MB crowd but what about the Ford GPW? What color was the pump for those jeeps? Tire Pump for Ford GPW jeeps tirepump4 Above you can see a photo of the Ford GPW tool kit from a newly opened shipping crate. Notice how the color of the pump matches the color of the toolbag. We know that the tool bag was olive drab. Also note the tire chain bags (a subject for discussion at another time). closeuppump3 Close up of Tire Pump from Ford GPW jeep toolkit With these photos we have demonstrated that the color of the tire pumps with both Willys and Ford jeeps was olive drab. If you have any factory photos to the contrary, please contact me.