Black Out Lights – Black Out Driving Beam Kit

kitno1a There were several different vehicle types that were issued Kit No. 1, including the various jeeps. Picture above is a side view of the kit mounted on a jeep. Notice in this example how the light is actually hanging over the edge! kitno1b This shot is included because it shows a frontal shot of the same kit but mounted on a passenger car. Notice the D shape as the version mounted during production was different. The partial chart below list on a several of the vehicles slated to receive Kit No. 1. There were at least 16 kits. It might be of some interest/use to note the USA Registration numbers to receive the kit. kitno1 The following was a newsflash from the January 1944 issue of Army Motors. This could explain the lack of blackout lights on some jeeps. Could the changes mentioned include the new design of the bracket for the jeep? kitno2a