Army Jill Takes Aim

jilltakesaim01 Jill at the ready. Some of these are pictures that I rediscovered from a test shoot I did with Jill before the main shoot with the jeep. jilltakesaim02 Don’t let that smile fool you! Jill had a great smile that she could bring out anytime she wanted too. jilltakesaim03 She told you not to move… She is wearing an authetic WW2 garrison cap. The t-shirt and shorts are modern. The weapon, holster and belt are replicas. Hey, this was a low (read no) budget shoot. jilltakesaim04 Jill blows smoke away from the .45 pistol. A couple days after this shoot we went to the field at the Bar-B-Ranch (friends of mine) and shot dozens of photos right before one of the many hurricanes of 2005 hit Florida. Luckily for us it didn’t hit very hard in our area. jilltakesaim05 Relaxing after a shot. Jill was a lot of fun to work with and had a lot of creative ideas for the shoot. And this was after working all day at her regular job.