The appeared in advertising for many different products. tankcorpjeep01   “Maybe this Roman bath was built for a conquering Caesar. Well, today it’s being used by Joe Doughboy. Whoever built it, ‘ye ole swimmin’ hole’ is giving the boys a Roman holiday, American style. ‘Holy mackerel,’ said one Yank from Michigan, ‘it’s medicinal!’ ‘Yeah,’ said a little fellow from Brooklyn, ‘it’s good for what ails ya!’ And when ‘what ails ay’ is Mediterranean heat and fight-fatigue and pestering flies, a swim is welcome! Welcome, too, is the brisk rub-down with a good towel. And our men are grateful for the same durable towels you accept as a matter of course. Many of them are Cannons — the hardy, efficient Cannons you’re so proud to use in your own home. If you find fewer in the stores these days, it’s because our men — needing them more — are getting more! So let’s make those we have last longer — for their sake as well as our own!” tankcorpjeepcloseup Close up from the Cannon towel ad. From an ad in LIFE, January 3, 1944.