42FordGPW – Weisbaden Air Police Jeep.

Washer Puller

Replacement Service Tool J-1764

Dear Editor, Axle washer puller What do you think of using this reformed fugitive from a 3″ cotter key (see Fig.) to pull the lock-washer out of jeep wheel-hubs after the locknut is removed? We don’t have service tool J-1764, and are using this hand-made model as a substitute. Cpl. Frank S. Payerle 198 Signal Photo Co. Ed. Note~Okay—Works as well as the special tool Ordnance used to issue for that same job. In fact, special tool J-1764 (Fed. Stock No. 41-H-2695) was taken off the SNL list because it’s so easy to improvise a substitute. From the Army Motors Vol 5, Page 311.