The Crosley Jeep

Crosley jeep from WW2

During the 2006 MVPA convention in Dayton, Ohio, there were three prototyp "mini-jeeps" on display. I was lucky enough to spend some time with one of the museum owners and she let me do some detail photography on the jeeps. The first one is the Crosley Jeep.

Crosley jeep hood /'radiator' detail

Close-up of the Crosley's hood and "radiator" edge. Of course, the Crosley has an air cooled engine. According to the Ordnance Department Administrative and Tactical Vehicles list (1940-1944) there were 36 Crosleys built for the goverment across two contracts (1810 and 1981.

Crosley jeep side view

Side view.

Crosley jeep another side view

Another side view.

Crosley jeep interior view of steering wheel and dash

The Crosley is quite a smart looking jeep and the interior is all business with little in the way of creature comforts. This view is of the steering wheel and dash.

Crosley jeep, rear view

Rear view of the Crosley.

Crosley jeep 'passenger' side view, looking toward the rear

Looking toward the rear of the Crosley from the 'passenger' side.

Crosley jeep detail of 'passenger' side fender, made of canvas

The Crosley is all about being light-weight. In order to help with weight management the fenders are made of canvas!

Crosley jeep dash detail

The Crosley's dash. While I can't be certain there appears to be two different speedometers. The original Crosley appears to be disconnected when compared to the following picture. The other appears to be a more standard military speedometer. Or is the meter labeled Crosley really an RPM gauge?

Crosley jeep, engine bay view of dash showing the two speedometers.

The first speedometer (rpm gauge?) has been disconnected.

Crosley jeep interrior view

Another interior view.

Crosley jeep engine view.

Engine view.

Crosley jeep engine view showing generator and headlights

Engine bay view showing generator and headlights.

Crosley jeep engine bay, another view

Another view of the engine bay.

Crosley jeep headlight detail

Headlight and grill detail.

Crosley jeep electriclal details

Electrical details.

Crosley jeep engine bay view toward dash

Engine bay view toward dash.

Crosley jeep hood detail

Crosley jeep hood detail

Viewing the Crosley in such detail made the trip to Dayton all the more worth the while!

Picture Sources: Infantry Journal, Nov-Dec 1940
2003, Robert V. Notman, all rights reserved. See Legal Notices.